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Commonly, the term "television channel" is used to refer either to a terrestrial television station or its cable/satellite counterpart (both outlined below). Sometimes, especially outside the U.S. and in the context of cable/satellite television, it is used instead of the term television network, which otherwise (in its technical use above) describes a group of geographically-distributed television stations that share affiliation/ownership and some or all of their programming with one another. This terminology may be muddled somewhat in other jurisdictions, for instance Europe, where terrestrial channels are commonly mapped from physical channels to common numerical positions (i.e. BBC One does not broadcast on any particular "channel 1" but is nonetheless mapped to the "1" input on most British television sets). On digital platforms, such (location) channels are usually arbitrary and changeable, due to virtual channels. Best channel in trichy, best local channel in perambalur, best channel in Kunnam, Best tv channel in veppanthattai, best local channel in alathur, best local channel in ariyalur, best local channel in ariyalur, No.1 channel in trichy, Trichy district no.1 channel, best channel near trichy, local channel in trichy, best media in trichy,Best Channel Near Perambalur, Best Channel Near Ariyalur, Local channel Near Trichy, Best Local Channel Near Perambalur, Best Local Channel Near Ariyalur, Best Local Channel Near Dindugul, Best Local Channel Near Pudukottai, Best Local Channel In Perambalur District, District NO.1 Channel, District First Channel, Best Channel In Our District, Best Channel In Pudukottai, Best Channel In Ariyalur, Best Channel In Villupuram, Trichy First Local Channel, Perambalur First Channel, First Local Channel In Trichy, Best Local Channel In Tanjore, Tanjore First Channel,

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